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  • Native to Europe, Asia, and northern Africa
  • Submersed, perennial, aquatic plan with feathery leaves arranged in whorls around the stem.
  • Grows thick mats in waters less than 15 deep but can grow in water to 25 feet deep or more.
  • Spreads by fragmentation and overland via transport on boats, motors, trailers, fishing nets, and other gear
  • Can quickly take over shallow lakes and rivers, which can prevent boating, fishing, hunting, and swimming Identification
  • Milfoil stems branch several times near the water surface.
  • Erect stalks emerge above water with small reddish flowers.
  • Typically 4, but sometimes 3-5 leaves, form a whorl around the stem.
  • Eurasian Watermilfoil has 12 or more pairs of leaflets.

Source: MT FWP website



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