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Tree Planter

If you are planning on many rows of conservation grade seedlings, a tree planter may make planting them easier.  Cost is $0.20 per tree.  Minimum of 250 trees.

Fabric Laying Machine

Windbreaks, screens or wildlife habitat plantings are a huge investment of time and money.  For best results, fabric mulch around your trees.  Cost is $0.05 a foot.  Minimum of 250 trees.

Plan to pre-order your fabric rolls when you order your trees.  Each 6′ x 500′ roll is $130.00

High & Heavy Hitter

As part of your range conservation plan to manage, rest and rotate grazing, rent this versatile post pounder to fence and cross fence your pastures.  Cost:  $95.00 a day or $550.00 for a 7 day week

DISCLAIMER:  All equipment is for use in McCone County only.

The district rents equipment only.  Equipment can be picked up and returned back to Circle.  You will provide your own tractor, tractor driver and laborer.

Proof of driver’s license and insurance to rent equipment.  Deposits may be required.

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