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Tree Sale Part 1

The Conservation District Tree Sale–PART 1–was held on Saturday, May 11th.  A few hearty souls ventured out in the cold and rain to purchase black walnut, cotoneaster, russian almond,  red eastern cedar, raspberries, quaking aspen,  paper birch, siberian and midwest crabapples, red and bur oak, grasses, roses, elderberries and golden currants.

We will have the District Tree Sale–PART 2–on Saturday, May 19th from 10-2pm, rain or shine.  We will have assorted trees and shrubs like buffaloberry, nanking cherry, sand cherry, redoiser dogwood, siberian elm, thornless honeylocust, juneberry, amur, silver and sugar maples, american plum, seaberry, smooth sumac, laurel leaf willow and woodbine.

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